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Interesting Brian Gibson interview, where he also talks about about his book Neuromancer. And he says about it, that he didn't think that the book future as particular dark, because there was a future, and not a nuclear wasteland. I don't think that newer generations have the same back ground fear of humanity total annihilation, that many us had growing up in eighties have/had. I can still remember, that we had in school an officer from the national guard* (they are mostly volunteer corpse) and he talked about, that city we lived was a naval base, and therefore a logical target for a nuclear strike, and what we could do, after the bomb had fallen....

The big east west conflicted has disappeared, and mutated into a host of overlapping regional conflicts. But the bombs are still there, and we can still destroy our own specie many time over.
Enjoy The Silence

Funny little thing about the danish national guard, after the Warzav pact fall, there have been found strategic papers, that recommended that in case of invasion just destroy the country with nukes, as the size of national guard did, that to many troops would be bound up in an invasion. And here in Denmark, it's not highly respected corps, it's considered by many a waste of money spending it on "weekend warriors".


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